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Is Uncertainty In The Market Holding You Back From Learning How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate?

Residential, Multifamily, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, and Self-Storage have become exceedingly saturated and speculative, driving up prices at rapid rates and compressing profit margins, creating intensely high levels of competition and risk.

The stock market has reached peak levels of volatility with heightened fear of an incoming crash, and the USD has reached historic rates of inflation, causing a rapid devaluation in purchasing power and strong motivation to put cash towards hedges against inflation.

Office and Retail have become largely distressed in reaction to the pandemic and changing economy, creating generational buying opportunities at deep discounts with huge value-add potential.

Contrarian Academy teaches investors how to invest in commercial real estate and profitably capitalize on the top investment opportunities.

Everything you need to know to successfully acquire a commercial property in 6 months or less

Contrarian Academy Course Outline

With more content being added regularly!


Timing & Recessions

Timing is one of the most important parts of real estate. If you get the timing right, you can do other things wrong and still come out on top.

Most of my wealth was made during recessions (1st commercial property was purchased in 2000) and throughout my years, I’ve seen how the cycles go. In this section, Manny shares how he thinks about real estate cycles.


Finding Properties

Finding prime and distressed properties is one of the most difficult parts of commercial real estate. Most investors think that properties are too expensive to invest in or that all the valuable properties are taken up, but that’s not true if you know how to find them.

In this section, I’ll show you how I underwrite properties and how I find “hidden gem” deals even in competitive markets.


Financing Deals

When you’re investing in commercial real estate, it’s good to understand the different financing options available to you. We’ll go over the different options you have to finance your deals and which ones I prefer depending on the situation.



We’ll go over what you need to do during negotiations: the questions you need to ask, the processes I go through, how I do my due diligence, and much more. As I say, you always want to make your money on the buy, and a big part of this is done by using leverage to negotiate a great price on the property.


Closing The Property

Closing the commercial real estate transaction is a process that can be overwhelming. This section will walk you through every step in the commercial real estate closing process.

You’ll see where it’s similar to the residential closing process and where it’s different. You’ll also discover where to be cautious and where your due diligence efforts are most important.


Adding Value

There are dozens of ways to add value to your commercial property. In this section, I’ll show you all the strategies and tactics I’ve used over the years to add value to my properties (many at no to low cost) and get bigger pops on the exit.


Real Estate & Taxes

Commercial real estate gives you much more depreciation to write off than residential properties. In this section, we’ll talk about the tax benefits, cash-out refinances, 1031 exchanges, and more.


Selling The Property

When selling commercial property, there are some mistakes investors will make that they wouldn’t make during a residential sale. In this section, I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes most commercial investors make when starting out, how to identify when to sell at the right time, and how to sell at the maximum value price.



Here you will find all the templates and resources mentioned within the program. This includes important contracts, tools such as an underwriting template, an FAQ section, checklists, and many other resources for your commercial real estate journey.

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Member Testimonials

"I come from Wall Street where people don't typically share their edge, but you spell that out perfectly."

Magnus DuBorg comes from a Wall Street background and joined Contrarian Academy to diversify his investments. Now, Magnus owns several commercial properties and recently sold one that Manny personally reviewed for him while he was in the program.

"I just bought a 30,000 sqf. building and I couldn't have done it without the program."

Pedzi Makumbe started his journey in the U.S. as a residential investor, but quickly realized there was more opportunity in the commercial sector. Manny and Contrarian Academy helped him purchase a 30,000 sqf. medical office with huge ROI potential.

"I came in with zero commercial real estate knowledge and found a property within a month."

Suraj Rasania is an interventional cardiologist by trade, but now he can call himself a successful commercial real estate investor. He joined the program with ZERO real estate knowledge and was able to find a medical office within a month, which he is now preparing to sell.

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