Contrarian Academy exists because commercial real estate investors:

Create Large Community Impact

We are looking for people who operate by the following key characteristics... Do You?


Do you actively work to remove complexity by simplifying every area of life and business?


Can you innovate with ideas and systems, setting new industry standards?


Are you committed to continually learning and growing?

Contrarian Academy - Learn how to invest in commercial real estate from Manny Khoshbin Pagani

When you join the Contrarian Academy team, you’re signing up to change the world:

Residential real estate investors work longer hours for smaller returns compared to commercial real estate investors.

This slows down their progress, limits their ability to create impact, and holds them back from achieving their full potential.

Contrarian Academy teaches investors how to successfully acquire a commercial property in 6 months or less so they can scale faster, create larger impact, and unleash their full potential.

At Contrarian Academy... our Core Values are:


We are passionate about teaching and helping others. Passionate about real estate. Passionate about creating large impact and leaving our mark in history.


We set standards. We do not follow. We innovate. We think creatively. We accept nothing less than exceptional. We all operate like owners. We think BIG.


We operate with an extremely high level of integrity. We keep our word. We overdeliver. We think long-term. We put our customers first.

Team Player

We all put the team and company ahead of ourselves. When someone needs help? We handle it. When challenges come up? We conquer them together.

ANYBODY can massively succeed, build wealth, and create large impact through commercial real estate investing...

They just need the right knowledge, system, and guidance to make it happen. Contrarian Academy is that knowledge, system, and guidance.

Our Company Vision

Driving blindfolded results in disaster. We are crystal clear on where we’re going and what we’re building.

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