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Ready To Become Our Next Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investor​?

Ready To Become Our Next Profitable Commercial Real Estate Investor​?

Start Profiting From Commercial Real Estate & Invest With Confidence

Start Profiting From Commercial Real Estate & Invest With Confidence

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Anthony Morrison | Internet Marketer

“Learning how to evaluate what deals not to purchase. I think that’s the biggest mistake most people make in real estate. I’m not a super real estate guru or anything, I’m just getting into it and I wanted to learn a lot. My biggest take away from the last day and a half is how to identify what not to buy, so I can stay away from the real problems.”

Sam Bakhtiar | CEO, Camp Transformation Center

“I always wanted to get into the real estate game, but I didn’t know what to do. I was totally clueless. Here Manny gave me an exact blueprint, like a checklist, of exactly what to look for in every deal.”

Sam Osei | Automotive Industry

“My biggest takeaway is the return on investment in the commercial side and opposed to the residential side, and the myths of residential as opposed to commercial. A lot of times you don’t make a move because of fear and this settled all that.”

Steven Mayer | Consultant & Investor

“My biggest takeaway is the different types of real estates you can get into. There’s some that you can hold, you exit in 2-3 years and make good money. Then there’s other investments that are just turn key, or making cash flow.”

Nicholas Kusmich | Facebook Ad Agency

“Manny gave us his processes and templates. He didn’t hold anything back, he told us exactly; “this is my process for due diligence,” “this is my process for research,” “this is my process for sourcing properties.” To have the exact things right there, nothing left to chance, just the ability to know what to look for, what to do when you find the thing.”

Raul Labarca | Real Estate Investor

“My biggest takeaway is how you can cost segregate a lot of the depreciation from commercial real estate. Manny is just an overall mastermind.”

Start Profiting From Commercial Real Estate & Invest With Confidence

Michael Najar | Real Estate Agent

“The greatest takeaway for me was just knowing a proven system and a formula. It’s not rocket science. Once you have a proven plan and a formula, and you know the right people, its definitely something you can accomplish.”

Iris Lagrimas | Owner, Mortgage Company

“No matter how successful you are, it is best to listen to the experts. Listen to the people who have been very successful in doing what they do, and Manny is the best.”

Behnood Dalaei | Loan Officer

“Before this event my expectation was at a lower level, and now it’s on the roof. I just don’t see anything as not possible. I can do stuff, I can go for it, grind for it, hustle for it everyday and I can make it happen because this is the result.”

Denise Siu | Real Estate Investor

“Everything I expected, more than exceeded. I do have action plans in terms of moving forward, and Manny has provided that. The materials Manny presented, it’s no fluff. It’s intimidating and I get it. But if you go in with an open mind, don’t be on the fence or you’re wasting time.”

Ameen Poonja | Restaurant Owner

“This gave me the ability to understand that all of this is possible. A lot of times when you’re growing up you think that accumulating wealth and becoming rich is magic, and then when you see people do it and you see people break down what they’ve done and what works for them, you start to understand that it’s possible.”

Avisha Kassir | Real Estate Broker

“One of the most pivotable things that I could have done is to be here for my investments and future lucrative things I want to do with my husband. Taking that information and then being able to pass it onto my clients and to all of our investors. There’s some really awesome information, like reverse 1031s.”

Start Profiting From Commercial Real Estate & Invest With Confidence

Leo Escobar

“I just joined Manny’s program 3 months ago and… just wow. Within these past couple months I can guarantee I’ve learned years of experience. I’ve recommended Manny’s program to so many of my friends and they’re amazed by it too.”

Zain Hoodani

“The program has been phenomenal and every Tuesday on the live calls I’m sitting in front of my computer with a notepad to sponge everything and am truly amazed at the information that Manny gives out and definitely recommend this.”

Adam Weltz

“Manny has been extremely successful in real estate and I love the fact that he’s willing to share all his lessons with people like us – who want to get into real estate investing.”

Hanna Azar

“Joining the program gives insight on how Manny thinks, how he analyzes different markets and deals, and overall the program has been a huge boost to my knowledge as an investor.”

Wendy Galaviz

“When I found out about your program and mentorship I was so thrilled and really believe in the program and am so thankful for Manny doing this and can’t wait to share what I achieve from the teachings.”

Michael Fan

“Going into this program, I thought there was a lot I wouldn’t understand… The first thing that stood out to me was how clear and concise the steps are. Everything in the program is detailed and laid out step by step.”

Start Profiting From Commercial Real Estate & Invest With Confidence

Petar Vuk

“The content in the program is awesome. There’s so much value in the videos that I watch them every single day for an hour each morning.”

Henry Williams

“I’ve been a real estate investor for the past 3 years and this program has given me a whole new perspective and allowed me to time a deal I’m in to make a big flip even during the current economy.”

David Hudgins

“It’s been amazing to see all the deals Manny does, how he approaches them, everything he’s looking for, how he’s underwriting it, his thoughts on the economy and it’s great because he takes the time to answer everyone’s questions.

Will Chase

“I learned about the great way to build wealth by obtaining patience. I’m very excited to be in the group, to learn more, and I can’t wait for the next live call!”

Masud Sarwary

“He broke down exactly what I’ve been looking to do in 30 minutes. He gave me some great golden nuggets and key take aways as far as commercial real estate. I’m excited to implement that and put it into action!”

Your path to generational wealth starts here.

We care about your success. After buying and selling over $820 million in commercial real estate the past 29 years, Manny Khoshbin has developed his strategies into a step-by-step roadmap that any investor can follow to build a commercial empire, just like following the direction on a GPS.

To further improve results, you will also get personalized coaching, 1-on-1 property evaluations, an in-person mastermind, co-investment opportunities and more.

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