Our company is driven by a strong culture. Every member of our team exemplifies each of our core values. We are an impact-driven company that thinks BIG with a constant growth mentality. We promote radical transparency within the organization for high levels of accountability and to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

There is constant collaboration between all our team members for top-level innovation so we continue to be the highest standard for every industry we are a part of. Each team member follows the 20% time rule, meaning 20% of their time is spent going outside their specific job and looking for ways to innovate.

We are a young, high-energy company that embodies the work hard, play hard mentality. We think long-term with our ideas and implementations. Overall, we are a team of hungry, driven, and well-paid professionals with aspirations & congruent actions of creating generational wealth.


  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Team Player


When people see and hear our brand, they immediately think of two words:
wealth and inspiration. We are associated with mansions, exotic cars, luxurious travel, health & fitness, real estate investing, top-level entrepreneurship, philanthropy and well-known business leaders. Our unique and creative content for inspiration and education has set the top standard for personal branding across all of social media.



We hire based off our core values and each team member must operate with the following daily critical actions: 1. Simplify 2. Innovate 3. Learn.

We have a rigorous hiring process with high standards of excellence, requiring each applicant to take multiple steps before being considered for a first interview. If passed through the application process, each candidate must interview with every member of our executive team, to which we will have a team huddle to come to a final decision.

If accepted, each candidate will take on the title of a “trainee” for a 90-day trial period. If they pass the trial period, they will go through an initiation ritual and become an official member of the team


Each team member has expectations of constant learning and growth for both themselves and the company. In addition, we provide team members with world-class training specific to their role and responsibilities, including but not limited to programs, mastermind events, consulting, and more.

Every member has gone through all of Manny’s real estate training content to learn the business of value-add commercial real estate investing, and is encouraged to begin building their own real estate portfolio. Manny and the real estate team will help find properties, review deals, freely give advice, and provide opportunities for co-investment to any team member that meets the qualifications.

Further, each team member will receive financial education and be held accountable to tracking their finances with provided resources to support their journey of wealth creation.


We operate in a collaboration-driven environment with modern workspaces that promote a high level of creativity. This includes a meditation lounge, break-area with a pool and ping pong table, customized desks and accessories for each team member, fitness competitions, gym memberships, yearly company retreats, optional meal prep service, high-end lunch catering every Friday, and fun monthly outings.


We host semi-annual mastermind events for our executive & chosen team members and top-tier customers in luxury vacation spots around the world such as Newport, Bora Bora, Ibiza, Maldives, and more. The purpose of these events is to combine business, networking, and vacation all into one experience. Each mastermind will be filled with scheduled adventures, high-level trainings, guest speakers, luxury dinners, and relaxing networking opportunities. 

We host one company retreat each year, all expenses paid for each team member, spanning between 3-7 days, in unique locations with a fully planned agenda for fun and creativity. The purpose is to create closer bonds between team members, improve company culture, review the previous year, and set goals & action-steps for the following year in order to achieve our company vision.


We have created easy-to-follow systems and procedures for everything that is repeated more than once inside our companies. We have automated every possible process without degrading quality to streamline systems and free up time from manual tasks to promote higher-level actions and brainstorming from every team member. We have in-depth data analytics dashboards for every KPI and are SERIOUS about knowing our numbers.

We host three weekly meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the
following agendas: 

  • Monday: Set goals for the week and define the exact action steps we need to take in order to achieve our goals.
  • Wednesday: Review our progress so far in the week and restructure the remainder of the week if needed to hit our goals.
  • Friday: Review our progress for the week. Did we hit our goals? If so, why? What can we learn from our actions and how can we make them even better? If not, why? What do we need to improve on to ensure we hit our goals the following week?

We also follow this same meeting structure on a monthly and quarterly basis. Further, each team member provides daily reporting of their position’s key performance indicators for accountability to stay on track for our targets


Contrarian Academy is the #1 coaching program in the world for helping real estate investors successfully acquire a commercial property in 4 months or less, unleash their full potential, create larger impacts in their communities, and build generational wealth.

Each member within the community brings additional knowledge to the table, gives value freely, and is eager to network & connect with other members.

We have been credited with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the real estate education industry, with more than 75% of our members successfully acquiring a commercial property in 4 months or less.

Contrarian Academy has also been credited with “changing the commercial real estate industry”, creating a new wave of independent commercial investors who think different and create large communal impacts.


We strive to make work a fun, creative, and purpose-driven environment that our team members look forward to every day. Further, we prioritize work schedules to fit symbiotically with the desired personal lives for every member in the company.

We value results and speed over time clocked in. Therefore, all our salaried team  members are offered flexible working hours, remote work capabilities, vacation time, and networking opportunities from our communities and events in the condition of continued high-level output and productivity.

Each team member is incentivized with performance bonuses and also receives comprehensive health and dental insurance.

We are deeply involved in philanthropy with Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) autism, sustainable energies, and conservation technologies as a company, and provide opportunities for all our members to get involved.

There is no other organization in the world that holds their employee’s personal and financial goals to such a high degree with accountability and support. As we like to say… we operate with “Great success!”